Ladder Man III

Puzzle 1995 Dos Soleau Software Platformer Arcade style

Ladder Man to the rescue!

Hailing from Soleau Software, home of classics like the Bolo Adventures series, this is another simple but hugely inventive and enjoyable little puzzle/actioner. It's the third in a franchise which began with the original Ladder Man and although this might not look like much, it's guaranteed to keep you playing, thanks to its mix of cunning level design and pure platforming fun. The essential idea remains the same as ever, and it's your job to guide Ladder Man through thirty single screen levels, with the apparently simple goal of getting to the exit. However, it wouldn't be much fun if it were too easy, so you're going to need to make use of the various items dotted around to actually build your route to the exit, all the while avoiding the many and varied hazards which get in your way. You have your own little ladder to help out, but it's only so long, so you have to make clever use of crates, dynamite, and other such things in order to make your path navigable, and although things start out simple enough, they soon get fiendishly difficult. This really is another superb offering from Soleau and it's an absolute must have for anyone into old-school puzzlers. It's obviously pretty basic in terms of visuals and sound, but this only adds to the retro charm, and it's in the gameplay that this really shines. The levels here ease you in gently but quickly ramp up the difficulty and you're going to need some serious lateral thinking to get through to the end. It's a fun ride though, never frustrating, and always entertaining, so be prepared to lose some hours if you do pick this up. It's worth it, though.

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