Larry Loader

Puzzle 1992 Dos Dosbox Soleau Software Platformer Arcade style

Neat and addictive little puzzler

If you enjoy taxing your brain with the kind of puzzles found in Lemmings or The Lost Vikings, then Larry Loader is sure to prove a fun little timewaster, offering as it does plenty of head scratching conundrums to test your mind. The set-up here is simple, and places players in the hard working shoes of Larry Lontrose, a part-time dock worker who dreams of escaping his dull life and climbing up the corporate ladder. His way of doing this is by solving a series of room-based puzzles which will prove his value as a top class employee. In gameplay terms, Loader Larry presents players with a series of static single screens with one simple objective: get Larry to the door. Littering the rooms are various objects like boxes, balloons and dynamite, all of which must be carefully manipulated or avoided in order to make it safely to the exit, and while it all sounds simple enough in theory, in practice, it is much more complicated. Loader Larry really is a small-scale treat for puzzle fans. While the undeniably crude and dated graphics may put off some players, to ignore it would be a mistake, for beneath the ugly exterior is a complex and satisfying game. While early levels are straightforward enough, the difficulty soon ramps up considerably and will test all your skills of logic and lateral thinking, with some truly dastardly puzzles that are as addictive as they are inventive. The effects are as basic as the graphics, but again this isn't a problem as the gameplay itself more than makes up for its visual and aural shortcomings and this simply is a neat little puzzler that deserves to be played.

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