Navy Moves

Arcade 1988 Dos Dosbox Dinamic Multimedia Platformer Single screen

Destroy the nuclear war threat!

As part of a special pacification army force, you and your comrades will have to tackle the new found nuclear war perils that are coming by way of nuclear submersible. This will take you to a whole new set of missions, some of which are more direct, while others will ask of you to operate more cautiously. Either way, you've got your missions cut out for you, and the game is definitely going to take its toll on you. The operation here, called Cephalopod, is all about submersibles, taking care to not allow them to reach their target. It's, however, when you get down to it a simple sidescroller, where you'll do a lot of shooting, and the missions, as well as the background graphics repeat themselves quite often, which doesn't necessarily give you a whole lot of options. So, overall, Navy Moves offers you a whole load of options, a great and beautiful build, but ultimately, after you've seen the first few missions, you will have seen the entire of the game's offering. So, overall, it's a pretty lacking game, that is not that great if you're looking forward to loads of different action. But if you kno0w what to expect, Navy Moves will definitely have a good load for you. Else, download Solomon's Key, also a sidescroller, set in a similar type, but nevertheless, fun enough.

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