Super Zaxxon

Arcade 1984 Dos SEGA Isometric Puzzle based

Isometric front scrolling shooter with diverse scenarios

Super Zaxxon doesn't offer you a novel recipe, as it is a classic vertical shooter, sort of, as the game actually runs left to right, but the perspective is a titled one, so that in all actuality you're always facing your enemies. But, the game is very sharp, and very engaging, with very well produced scenarios and quite interesting enemies and obstacles. It is also a game that is rather hard, though once you understand that restarting portions of the levels is what the game wants you to do, and that these restarts will be very frequent, you will finally get to feel the game. That's right, this is a hard game to play, but it is by no means a game that takes a toll on you. But either way, you'll find that the gameplay is well worth the time investment and the lessons learnt will soon become its brand of fun. Also, the game tends to hang on a tight rope that clings more towards puzzle solving, in that the tight packing of the levels generally has only one manner of solving in its cards; that is, you'll have to learn which enemies to kill, which ones to dodge and where to be, exactly to be able to advance. So, prepare for a harder experience but one that is at least as enjoyable as the old Pitfall or other similar arcaders.

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