Super Nibbly

Arcade 1993 Dos Cosmos Designs Platformer Puzzle based

An arcade action puzzler; very involving

If you love arcade type challenges, that, at their core, hide an interesting action puzzle, then you will truly love this game. Super Nibbly is, at the surface, just a clone of the old Snake games, however, after you've played a few times you'll realize that the snake you're controlling can only approach each maze in a particular way. And, learning to find which way that is, is going to put you in a mindset that is particular to puzzle games, even if Super Nibbly does not take place in turn based mode, yet is an under the clock action, real time game. Of course, the fist few mazes are more forgiving than the ones that you will encounter later, so that you will have the time to get accommodated with the game's controls, logic and a few of its powerups. Yes, Super Nibbly comes with powerups, known as PUXes in here, and some of them will give you more time to complete your current challenge, some will give you removable snake heads so you can collect pellets in areas that, if you'd go there, you'd become blocked. Well done graphically, too, Super Nibbly is a game for serious puzzlers and tacticians, at least later on, even in spite of its cartoony looks. A good, similar game, which, at the same time, is not as challenging as this one is Pac Man so download a version of that one too.

A cool Snake clone

Super Nibbly is actually a very cute clone of the mega famous arcade game Snake with the same premise and gameplay - you control a snake that gets larger with every item it devours in its way. The snake can't bump into its body or the walls of the mazes, or it's game over. To make the challenge even more difficult, there are some foods that make you grow even larger than usual. What is also different from the standard Snake game is that you have to eat all the foods that are there before continuing to the next level. I really like the variety of the mazes from level to level, which get more complicated, making the game almost exponentially harder as the game progresses. The little snake is very cute in its design and the mazes are nicely textured. The colors are also very nice and nicely arranged. The music of the game is also neat and fitting to the game. While the game brings nothing especially new to the Snake game, it is still a fun game that will definitely help you kill time.

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