Super Cauldron

Arcade 1992 Dos Dosbox Titus Interactive Platformer

Its a blend of action and adventure

Basically it is a platform game that involves arcade action and is based on a fantasy theme which adds a bit of adventure to the gameplay. You will basically play a cute witch whose aim is collect a lot of ingredients which she needs for devising a great spell. The ingredients that she will gather will be put in the cauldron. You will go through a variety of different levels which have been set up in various fantasy land and these lands are filled with many different monsters in the form of bats and vampires etc. The basic weapon in the game that you have is the magical stones which you will use against these enemies. The depth in the game has also been achieved through the wide variety of power ups which includes a broom stick. Using the broom stick, you will fly around your screen but for a limited time. There are many secrets to explore that have been hidden in the distinct levels in the games. The graphics that they have given in this one are spectacular and the inventive level really depicts this fact prominently. The other features that it has are smooth animations and very user friendly controls. The game is as colorful and attractive as Super Bubsy.

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