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Pacman goes 3D in style

Pacman is a true industry legend and the original has become synonymous with video games, giving rise to numerous sequels and becoming a cultural icon in the process. This follow-up retains the classic and addictive gameplay but adds in pseudo-3D mazes to increase the challenge and appeal, as well as some other new features. The basic gameplay should need no introduction, but revolves around the famous yellow blob running around mazes, gobbling pills and avoiding or occasionally munching the ghosts that inhabit the mazes. That really is pretty much it, but this is still undeniably a great game for its pure simplicity. In addition to the 3D effect, Pacman can now jump, as can some of the ghosts, while there are now four environments to explore. Although the gameplay is the same in each, the different visual representations add much to the game in terms of graphical variety if nothing else. While it could be argued that 3D doesn't bring much to the world of Pacman, it is undeniable that this is simply a better game than its predecessor because of it. The new additions help to keep things fresh, and the gameplay is still as addictive as ever, with that one-more-go factor present in abundance, while the satisfaction of seeing your name on the high score table remains as great as ever.

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