Strategy 2002 Windows Daisy-Chain Business

Raise through the ranks to become a pop or rock star!

Who wouldn't want to be a rock star, eh? To hear the crowd cheering and to be able to live the lifestyle, it must be a dream come true, but, as this little game here will show you, that is easier said than done. That is so because you can't really do it on your own. You will depend on a cohort of people aiding you, from your band mates to your management, road crew and much more. Also, having a hit and promoting it is not as easy as it might appear. SO, buckle up, because Superstar will teach you the basics of stardom, in a sort of role playing gameplay in which leveling up your skills, guitar playing, charisma, etc, is your full time job. So, without a doubt Superstar wants to create an exhaustive simulation of what stardom is all about but don't expect to be overwhelmed by glitter and spark. Instead the game just gives you a lot of statistics and a lot of different options to fiddle with, so that is what you will be playing. That is why the game resembles Democracy in gameplay more than other games, because you are still mostly in for the mathematical choices game than anything else. But, with a good imagination the game can come alive for those that aren't necessarily the biggest fans of mathematical tycoon type games. For tycoons types however, this can be the best of worlds, stardom and business simulations.

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