Theme Park Inc

Strategy 2001 Windows ElectronicArts Business Trade or management Building

Theme Park tycoon/sim

Theme Park Inc is a 3D theme park management and builder game, the like of Theme Hospital or Pizza Syndicate, however, it focuses on the management and building of amusement parks. The amenities on offer are multiple, from rides to water constructions, food dispenser type constructions and more. You can play sandbox mode, where you're free to build as you see fit, or play a campaign, with different missions and an economic portion to keep your eyes on. Interactivity is ok, with nicely drawn tilesets to choose from, with cool drawn geometric shapes for most of the materials and an overall nice touch of cartoonish for the style of the game. Therefore, if you like tycoons, and especially theme park tycoons, you will find this game quite nice. However, diversity in the types of parks you can build is not that high and after you've built one or two theme parks you will feel that you've seen most that the game has in store. But, for the time being, Theme Park Inc is a good enough tycoon to keep you sufficiently satisfied.

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