Adventure 1984 Dos Infocom Mystery

Great writing and plot

Suspect is a thrilling and very well writing murder solving game that is third murder game released by this company (the other two being Deadline and The Witness). This time around you are put in the shoes of a reporter who has been framed for murder. To clear his name, he has to find the real culprit and he is limited by time, for he has only 12 hours to do so. With these kinds of games the writing is of utmost importance and this game certainly delivers. It has a very neatly evolving plot that will leave you wanting for more and urging to find out how the whole thing works out in the end. As most games from this era, it is mostly text based, so this will be a nice trip down memory lane for old time gamers. The graphics and audio here are secondary here, preceded greatly by the great gameplay and intriguing storyline and well written and developed characters. If you like murder mystery games like the aforementioned Witness and Deadline, you will certainly like this game. Two thumbs up!

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