Adventure 1986 Dos Dosbox Infocom Mystery

Circus themed text based adventure, Infocom styled!

In Ballyhoo you will play in the shoes of those that make a circus act appear magic, that is, the people behind the scenes. This means that you will mostly be looking at the glitz free lives of the ones that make it all happen, that make the world go round! So, with that in mind, you will find that Ballyhoo is the kind of game that really stands tall, in that it creates this world that is really interesting, not too hard to interact with and also, as real as it could be, without getting into too much (and possibly offensive!) detail. So, yeah, if you are looking for a game that is all about to deconspire a secret, but actually ends up building a pretty interesting back scene world, Ballyhoo sure has that covered, without issues, without no other things to get in between you and the action. So, yeah, prepare for puzzles that ask you to engage in tasks such as feeding the animals or more complex ones and even such tasks that end up taking a toll on you. But, yeah, ultimately, Ballyhoo is a game that can really draw you in, has a very personal feel to it. So, yeah, give it a try. It's a rare treat, even if some of the later puzzles can be really demanding. But if you have a good imagination as well as a good walkthrough you'll avoid these rather poorly designed bits and remember Ballyhoo more fondly. Oh, and play Circus if you're more about arcade circus based minigames than text based gameplay. It's an oldie but it still plays relatively well.

Investigate about kidnapping

"Ballyhoo" claims to be a detective/mystery game set at the circus, with the owner's daughter kidnapped. However, you are a loiterer who engages more in circus activities than in solving the kidnapping. What detective, even a gifted amateur, is ever distracted from his investigation like that? Where's the mystery and suspense that's supposed to be under the Big Top? And why does he recall things by hypnosis? The loiterer is supposed to be a gifted amateur "Good Samaritan" detective focused solely on unmasking the kidnapper and rescuing the damsel in distress, then handing the kidnapper over to security or police, then returning the kidnapped daughter to her father.

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