Tau Ceti - The Lost Star Colony

Action 1985 Dos Dosbox CRL Group PLC First Person Science Fiction

A timeless gem

Tau Ceti is a one of a kind space simulation shooter game that shouldn't be missed by any sci fi fan who love to drive space shuttles. The plot is somewhat cliche but here it goes - you control a skimmer ship and have to save the space colony Tau Ceti from an invasion of very hostile robots by infiltrating into their defense system and disabling it by collecting reactor pieces that are scattered across the colony and later putting those pieces into the robot's main reactor to blow it up. You get to explore all kinds of cities in said colony, all in very beautiful graphics (well, for that time, at least) and, in an non linear manner, interact with many objects and places that you see on the way. The other half of the fun is fighting with other robot in space and shooting them down in a fast paced, action filled sequence. This game truly stands the test of time and will be great for players all across the world, no matter the age. I highly recommend this game. If you're up for some more space shooting, try Wing Commander.

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