Action 1986 Dos Dosbox Mindware Limited First Person Science Fiction

Classic 3D adventure

A kind of weird take on the classic Running Man concept of a futuristic game show, Tracker is a bona fide classic that is both original and uniquely playable. It's a science fiction-themed game that is difficult to describe but which combines action and strategy in equal measure and ends up being a truly compelling experience. Players are thrust into a nightmarish world where they are forced to control a group of ships through maze-like arenas for the amusement of others, while taking out or avoiding defenses and other players. Everything is played out in real-time from a 3D perspective which, although understandably crude, nevertheless does a great job of bring the game to life. Thanks to a superbly intuitive mouse-based interface, which is especially impressive given the game's age, it's an absolute breeze to navigate the arenas while switching between your ships and taking out the bad guys. It's possible to take a hands-on approach to combat, viewing the action from the cockpit but you can also adopt a more strategic, overhead view, for those who like to command from on high and it's this flexibility which helps make the game truly shine. The gameplay is never less than compelling, whether you play it as an action game or strategically and thanks to the combination of atmospheric graphics, intense thrills and sheer innovation, this has to stand as a true eighties classic. If you've enjoyed games like Carrier Command, Driller or Castle Master, similarly classic early 3D adventures, then you owe it to yourself to check out Tracker.

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