Grand Prix Manager

Racing 1995 Windows MicroProse Formula one Team management

Manage a high stakes F1 team!

Grand Prix Manager is a well realized, very playable and, most of all, a very streamlined game, in that it has all the elements that you'd want from a game such as this one, and all of them are organized with a good idea of what makes a game playable and what it enjoyable to sink into. So, all the immediate controls that you are going to use more often are included on a bottom sidebar. From there you click on the menu and a larger window pops into view. You can then go on and make the necessary adjustments and you're immediately on the top down world of the game, that shows the current track. The game allows you to do a lot of work, if you will, in between season racing and during the races. Plus, you get a press portion to the game, so that you really get your time's worth. So, overall, Grand Prix Manager is a beautiful, well produced, well organized (exceptionally well organized, I could say!) oldie, that really stands the test of time. Yep, the 2D maps of the tracks don't really put you there, in the heat of the moment, but after all this is not a racer game, but a high level management one, of which it does a very good job. A good alternative can be F1 Manager Professional, but don't expect the same expert organization that F1 Manager Professional shows.

A new perspective of F1 racing

The game is not about racing, you don't get to drive the Grand Prix. What you do is run the Grand Prix. You are the manager and responsible for all the features of such a race - getting car parts, getting cars, drivers, organizing your crew, making sure everything is ready for this year's race, and making all the preparations for the next year's one. You have to employ engineers, mechanics, marketing staff and even the drivers, and you have a limited budget to do so. By playing this game, you will see what's behind the greatness and splendor of every F1 race, how much time, money and effort has to be put to make a 2 hour race happen. This game is for the ones that can appreciate all of that and have always wanted to be in their shoes. The game's sound and music is very nice, and the graphics also good, but not too great. So, play this game is you are interested in the "behind the scenes" view of the Grand Prix tournament and also check out the game's sequel, GPM2. If you're more of a behind-the-wheel type of person, go ahead and try Formula 1 Grand Prix.

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