Terra Fire

Arcade 1997 Windows ORT Software Vertical shooter Shooter

Original but ultimately hard to control maze shooter game

Terra Fire looks like a game that was originally intended to be a classic sidescroller, but down the line someone decided to turn it into a maze shooter, where you control this little space ship that looks like the point of an arrow. I feel that this was a midway decision because the environments where you will be doing the sidescrolling space flying and shooting seem like the perfect playground for a stationary, walking enabled player character! But, well, as long as you can get used to the premise, you will find the game actually pretty fun to play. The levels are packing some interesting upgrades, here and there; one you receive quite early on is an attachable link mace, which gains momentum if you spin, can attack by hitting nearby targets and also stops any undesirable bullets headed your way. Graphically it's 16 bit style done excessively well! Yes, I wouldn't have though that too much cleanliness can be a bad thing, but it sure feels a bit weird. Anyhow, if you want to see how R Type would have felt in a Metroid like tunnel style level play Terra Fire!

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