Return Fire

Action 1995 Windows GT Interactive Shooter Flight shooter

Undemanding little shooter

This neat little vehicle-based shoot 'em up is a fairly simple and unsophisticated little game, but provides a reasonable amount of undemanding action and fun. Players get the chance to jump behind the controls of four different vehicles, a tank, a helicopter, a jeep and a heavily armed rocket support vehicle, and must take part in a series of capture-the-flag style games, destroying enemy bases and opponents as they go. Each vehicle has its own strengths and weaknesses, with the copter being fast but fairly weak, the tank being a good all round choice, and the support truck having access to a range of highly destructive weaponry, but which is slow. This flexibility adds in some tactical elements to the game, as players must pick the right vehicle for the task at hand, and provides some replay value as they try out different approaches with different vehicles. In single player mode, Return Fire is fun but short-lived, with little in the way of long term appeal, but two-player mode is where the game really comes into its own and it is undeniably addictive taking on a human opponent. Visually, Return Fire is pretty basic, even considering its age, with simple desert environments and sprites that are lacking in detail, but which serve their purpose well enough. Return Fire certainly isn't a bad game, just lacking in the complexity that would make it more enjoyable. If you're after a vehicle-based bit of action with more depth, then EA's Desert Strike or Jungle Strike offer the variety that is missing here.

Lacked in terms of the graphics only

Return Fire is a flight shooter game which has some good and some bad features but is overall very addictive and fun. Starting with the plot, it's quite obvious as this flight game involves different missions where you have to destroy the enemy basis, warheads and their active weapons. The good thing is that though it is a flight shooter, but still you have an option to ride tanks which are loaded with weapons that will be used to destroy the enemy. Initially I tried the single player mode but found it to be a bit frustrating or boring because the fun wears out quickly. But I was thrilled with the 2 player mode because it is great fun to play with your friends. The game also involves some strategic elements where you have to decide how to attack and when to attach the enemy. All the decision making is be done in real time which really makes the gameplay amazing. Apart from these features, there is nothing more to it because the graphics are quite ordinary and the music is also very much average. It is action in the game and the gameplay which makes it addictive but its sequel is far more exciting.

I love its 2 player mode

Not a bad little game, but just remember to run RFIRE.exe for XP and remember to run it in compatability mode with 256 colours and in 95 environment. If you dont know how to do this, right click the RFIRE.exe file in the place you saved the download and click properties. Click the compatability tab then click the tick box that says "compatability mode" above it and click "run in 256 colours" and the game should run unless your computer is a calculator :) I like this game. I like it because of its meaning, kill. and I love its 2 player mode. But as has been said before , just remember that the single player mode is very frustrating, time consuming and will become boring very quickly.

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