Metroid Redemption

Arcade 2004 Windows Richard Gonzalez Platformer

Fusion of good action and vareity

The game takes you into the Metroid world and is a fan made one for the original series that made a huge impact on the Nintendo's platform. You will play as Samus Aran who is a women and a bounty hunter who need to explore the SR817 for finding out evidence that will free her name from the events of Metroid fusion. Almost the same graphics and the music have been incorporated in this game and they have gelled quite well with the exciting gameplay that it supports. In terms of the gameplay, you almost have the same features which you saw in the original ones i.e. shot in directing towards the baddies, duck and avoid different obstacles, and can even upgrade your suits and your weapons. You can also roll into the balls for moving to different areas. The exploration element that this game has is simply awesome because many times you will find yourself lost and will have to explore the right path which is quite thrilling and interesting. When you explore, you will reach the same areas which you went through and will be facing different missions every time. This means that the gameplay is very diverse. So you have this one and the likes of Bonkheads that can provide you a very good experience.

Classic exploration game

Well, it's what you expect, the classic exploration that makes Metroid famous. The game takes place after Metroid Fusion, where Samus must find the Black Box data on SR-817 to clear her name. The gameplay is great,as well as the bosses,mwhich require strategy to beat them. You'll find the Morph Ball, Missiles, and the Varia Suit to explore new areas. My only complaint is that the game should be longer. Other than that, it's worth downloading, so have fun!

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