Test Drive 2

Racing 1989 Dos Dosbox Accolade Car simulation City race

1989s best racing cars in simple 3D!

Test Drive 2 is pretty much the same experience as the game that came before it; you've got your high octane cars, a number of tracks, mostly deplete of any objects or details and where every curve is like a God sent, as it alleviates the boredom that kind of lurks around in it. Yep, Test Drive was a relaxing game, and this second one is pretty much the same kind of thing. The game never goes out of its way to offer you an out of this world experience, it pretty much just struggles to keep on track, but given the age in which it was released, the level of detail, from the inside of the car, on the road, is acceptable. Plus, once you realize that you aren't going to have an extraordinarily heavy handed experience, in terms of the way the game is built, and what it produces, if you've played the first in the series, the second will feel like a very similar thing; both games are for the same niche, of gamers which just love the oldies that tried their hand at 3D, but never pushed the envelope too much. So, definitely, play them both, when retro cruising without too much happening is what you want and need!

Fun old school racing game

It is a fun old school racing game which though is far behind in terms of the modern standards but is really addictive. It is the second installment in the series and has managed to be better than the first one. The theme of the gam is to drive some wonderful cars of those times and race on highways while going through cuts and curves and while avoiding the traffic. The previous version had only the time trail option but this time they have added one more mode and that is to race against the opponent of the computer. Well the computer guy is really fun to race with because the A1 in the game is very competitive. However the time trail mode is also fun because you have some very realistic features in the game. Colliding with cars will make you crash and too many crashes will put you out of the game. Still the crash and collisions are supported by good animations and the sounds are perfect for a racing car game. The background scenarios and the images are also amazing and the dynamics of the racing track are also great. You will also be pursued by the police and this adds even more fun to the gameplay. Also go ahead and try Test Drive 3 because it takes the gameplay and the graphics even further and is more fun.

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