Test Drive Off Road 2

Racing 1998 Windows Accolade Car simulation Off road

Test Drive Off Road 2 slips through the same cracks as the first

Test Drive: Off Road 2 is the sequel to the original Test Drive Off Road released for PC and for the SONY Playstation. Test Drive series were known for their unrealistic graphics, and poorly rendered cars and nothing has changed for this one either. When it comes to playablity, it's all there but you'll wonder why there wasn't more time put into this title for working suspension. The cars will instantly change direction no matter what type of incline, a lot of other titles such as Monster Truck Madness for example had working suspension, and even the later test drive titles Test Drive 5 did. For any arcade racing fan this is a problem, especially for an off-road arcade racer with many bumps and hills it's just laughable. Sad to see such a great series be ruined by this bad spin offs, lack of detail and attention. Test Drive Off Road 2 again slips through the same cracks Test Drive Off Road did. If the odd physics, and poor attention to detail doesn't bother you in an off-road arcade racer, then it should still be enjoyable, but coming from a background of playing arcade racers for a long time, this is rather disappointing.

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