Test Drive 6

Racing 1999 Windows Infogrames Car simulation Gran Turismo

Back in the day we all craved the American muscle car!

Although as arcadey as you could ever make a game, Test Drive 6 is also as fun as you'd want it to be. It's got all sort of muscle and super cars to choose from and you'll race through cities, through interstate type of roads and even on a few proper race tracks. Graphically, the decors are all a bit on the lite side as well; what I mean by that is that the buildings are mostly just cardboard thingies, with the side looking at you skinned, but say you go and take a drive on the reverse of the track, the lack of detail and the cardboard nature of the decors becomes so much more evident. But, yet again, why would you do that?! This is a fast, silly game, in which you'll get ahead not by perfect maneuvering, but by ramming other cars and by being as obnoxious a driver as possible! Not quite the levels of mayhem of Carmageddon, but you can go crazy in this one, without issues, it's in fact encouraging you to do so and your driver partners will do just that. So, silly, yes, but fun all the way! Recommended highly!

Good graphics indeed!

Not one of the best racing game but it has a lot of thrilling and exciting features that can entice any gamer to play it. The graphics are simply fantastic and smooth and the controls are very well synced to enable the user to control the cars effectively. The drifts that one can perform in the game are really thrilling even though they do not have a realistic touch. The funniest part in the game is the car crashes and collision in which the other car will just pop up in the air and you will go on to race without any interruption. The number of cars that have been incorporated for your selection is healthy and there are other good features like a detailed mini map and a competitive A1 which gives you a tough time on the track. The police A1 are also very competitive but you can loose them easily. The mini map also gives you the position of the other cars or traffic on the track so that you can avoid them in the race. The thing which many of you might not like is the fact that it does not feature any music but the graphics as said earlier are very good. The whole series has been good and includes the likes of Test Drive 4.

One of latest TD game

I have never been a fan of the Test Drive series. Test Drive 2 was the only game in the series that I have ever played. Test Drive Unlimited was another that I played and I thought that it was a fun game, but not as fun as Test Drive 6. While it's not one of the best racing games out there, this game has stuff that will keep you entertained for quite a while.First of all, the controls, in my opinion, feel smooth. I especially love the way you drift the car in corners, even though it's not realistic. The most funny thing I have found in this game is the collision with other cars. It's bad at all, but it feel out of place, but it put a smile on my face. Everytime you hit a car, you con't stop dead in your tracks like in A2 Racer 2. The car that you hit just bumps up in the air, like it's made of plastic. I know that it's not realistic, but it's some fun, I mostly crashed into the cars for fun. The police AI-s aren't annoying at all, but you lose to easily, so a bit of worker needed to be made on them.The minimap is a nice littler feature because not only it shows the track you need to race on the opponents, but also the cars in traffic, which is a good idea considering you need to avoid them if you want to keep your first place.The graphics are very good, but I have one complaint at the sound department: there is no music. Is it hard to license at least five songs or make some original songs? Racing without music doesn't feel at all intense.All in all, if you're looking to have some fun in a racing game, consider giving this game a chance. It's worth for a weekend rental only.

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