Test Drive 3

Racing 1990 Dos Dosbox Accolade Car simulation

Arcade racer with poor graphics

The game pits you as a Test driver (go figure) who can choose to test a large number of vehicles. The game is played in very crudely designed real 3D environments. Truth be told, the jaggedness and mostly triangular nature of the settings which will only be available for your eyes from the interior of the car you're driving, with few cinematic like scenes taking place from an outside perspective. The game also features some elements of chase, as police is always trying to find you, which seems a little bizarre, given that the game is supposed to be running in spaces dedicated to trying out new cars. Without a doubt playable even today, the game is no revelation however, the only interesting point is that of the graphics which are interesting for their very botchy nature, which can be somewhat interesting to see in the era of full HD graphics. Other than that the game might offer a few minutes, at the most hours of fun, but otherwise its interesting aspects will begin to no longer feel as enticing. But, sure, if you love racers of all kind, do give it a try.


I bought this game back in 1993 as I loved playing Test Drive on the Commodore and thought this would be even better. The graphics were worse in my opinion and the track layout was not as fun. You may like this game but I give it a 2 out of 5.

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