Test Drive

Racing 1987 Dos Accolade Design Tool Car simulation

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A great series in the making

The Test Drive series can easily be considered the dominating amongst the arcade racing franchise and this 1987 game sets the foundations for several other games that came after it. You have a selection of 5 very sweet and very expensive cars that you can drive around on a cliffside road with two lanes while avoiding traffic and outrunning police speed traps, all the while trying to reach first place with other racers on the track. This track has five stages that are divided with gas stops. Even though the game is quite small and limited, it's still very fun for the short time you'll be playing it. The game's perspective is from inside of the car and you can't modify it any other way but this gives the game a dose or realism since this would be the view if you'd actually be in a real car. The graphics of the game are somewhat outdated and the animation is a bit slow but it's still a pretty fun time avoiding all the cars that are running into you and the police pursuits (which reminds me a lot of the Hot Pursuit mode while playing the NFS racing game). We can see that the game needs much improvement both in graphics and the length of the game, but this will be remedied in its numerous sequels. In any case, Test Drive is a very nice start for the series that will continue to come out for the next 15 years to this day.

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