Maze Runner

Action 1986 Dos Dosbox Apogee Third Person Top down

Old-school does it best

Entirely unconnected with the recent blockbuster movie sharing the same, this is actually a terribly clever and inventive little game from Apogee that has more in common with the classic Kroz games. It's determinedly old-school and minimalist but in the absolute best way imaginable and for any lovers of hardcore retro adventuring, this is essential stuff. The setup is simple enough but utterly compelling, with the player thrust into the shoes of a bold adventurer on the trail of the Heart of Courage which just happens to lie with the Ezam Dungeons (gotta love those puns), and which is infested with the spirits of adventurers who failed in the task. What this translates into is a maze-like game but which is a far cry from the likes of Pacman. Instead, you gets a brief glimpse of the maze before the walls completely disappear, leaving you to stumble wildly around, hoping desperately that you can at least remember some of the positions of the walls. Of course, the spirits are out to get you and touching one spells instant death but you can grab pickaxes and teleport scrolls to get you out of trouble if you're quick enough. That's pretty much it for the game, with successful completion of one level taking you on to an even more challenging maze and if you like easy games, then this is one to avoid. However, if you're up to the task then this really is classic stuff, a kind of mix of rogue-likes such as Hack, intense shooters like Gauntlet and of course the arcade hit Pacman. It's basic to the extreme in terms of visuals but the gameplay really shines and which makes it a must play for old-school fans, with a sense of urgency that simply cannot be beaten.

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