The Doonesbury Election Game Campaign '96

Simulation 1995 Windows Mindscape Politics

Prolific campaign manager simulation

It is basically a strategy game which is in the form of a simulation of the presidential elections that took place in 1996. Yes it involves the real presidential candidates of that year but not to worry as the game allows you to create your own candidate. Now the plot is that you will be playing the role of a campaign manager of the candidate that you select or you create. You will then a select a team of different members that will be running the campaign and they have their own attributes and flaws. The most fun part are the advisors in the game which have been designed with their traits and flaws which gel very well with the gameplay. You have to be well aware of both the attributes and flaws of your candidate and your opponent. Keeping in view their traits and flaws, you will devise a campaign that targets your goals and that is in line with the approach of the common people so that you can attract them to vote for your candidate on the big day. The game has a turn based play and a very good user interface which is surely needed in such games and the graphics are also good and the A1 is competitive. Overall it is a good strategy simulation. CyberJudas is another very good simulation but the plot and theme is different but wonderful.

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