Navy Strike

Simulation 1995 Dos Dosbox Rowan Software Flight Politics Military flight

Flight and strategy all bonded into one!

You can play Navy Strike as an action game only, more precisely as a flght sim game, in which you will be looking to take care of the aerial business of the moment(!) which can mean a number of types of activities, from the regular dogfights to the carpet bombing missions and a few other war specialties of the air forces. At any rate, Navy Strike is a game that does more than that, if you want. It has a small scale but still intricate enough to be worth mentioning strategy (wargame based) stage, where you are tasked with general purpose wargaming map actions which will take a toll on your further flight missions. This means that you can establish were to fly next, or what sort of challenges you'll be facing from the ground and, generally, if you play the strategy portion well, your flight missions will be both more interesting as well as more prone to success. At any rate, if you choose to forego the wargaming bit, you're still ok flight wise, as the PC will play in your turn and just assign you missions as you go. So, overall, Navy Strike is a classic flight game, not the best out there but still nice enough, while the strategy portion does an interesting job at keeping the game a bit more interesting than your usual flight sim structured games. Give it a go, it sure is worth it.

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