Dungeon of Shalan

Adventure 1988 Dos Dosbox SoftDisk Publishing Role playing Fantasy

Find the evil Shalan, deep in the maze!

Dungeon of Shalan is a maze exploration and action game, set in a top down 2D maze, with your ultimate objective to find the evil Shalam and bring him to justice. The game has a few elements of RPG, more precisely, it feels like a really simplified dungeon crawler. The mazes are filled with beasts, and, in order to win, you have to be smart about which creature you tackle. That is because you don't start very powerful; you have to supplement your equipment with better weapons and armor, and only then can you attempt to get into this game properly. Also, Dungeon of Shalan is a game that asks you to choose carefully what weapons you use, as you can only have one weapon with you, and no additional inventory. Therefore, at times, you might have to go back in the level and retrieve a weapon, which might be better for the types of enemies you are facing. But it's fun, in spite of the primitive graphics, which are just a little bit better than ASCII. Thus, if you want a basic top down game, yet with RPG elements, this one can be it. Else download Fire King, also a top down action with RPG elements, yet more graphically endowed.

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