Dungeons of Morabis, The

RPG 1991 Dos Fantasy Dungeons and Dragons

Standard rogue-like adventure

If rogue-like dungeon crawlers like Evets and Rogue float your boat, then Dungeons of Morabis offers more of the same RPG-lite action and is worthy of investigation. In similar fashion to most other such games, with the possible sole exception of Reaping the Dungeon, the game is set in a familiar fantasy world and charges players with seeking out the legendary Amulet of Sae'Gore. This requires you to explore dungeons, slay monsters and learn spells and all the usual things you'd expect in such a game. There isn't much of story beyond finding the amulet and the game is presented in very straightforward fashion, with the typical overhead view and with graphics represented by ASCII characters, so if you're the kind of gamer who needs flashy visuals then steer clear of this. There are a couple of differences between this and other rogue-likes, including the real-time gameplay which adds to the excitement factor, while levels are also not randomly generated which is the norm. Monsters and items are however but as the layout is the same, there is little incentive to return to it once you have beaten its 28 levels. However, this in itself is more challenging and frustrating than it should be, thanks to the game's annoying habit of including lots of secret doors and invisible walls and which require repeated pressing of the 'Search' button to discover and which does get wearing. Unfortunately, this design flaw is enough to reduce the game's enjoyment factor quite significantly so consider yourselves warned. If you can get past this niggle though, there is a solid, if unoriginal, game here for genre fans.

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