The Gladiators: the Galactic Circus Games

Strategy 2003 Windows Arxel Tribe Organized forces Real time War Military

Fast paced real time strategy set in the 70s

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that The Gladiators: the Galactic Circus Games is a neat little game that takes as much as it can from the classic Total War series, (the tactical engine exclusively though) and then applies the faster pace that StarCraft had used as a signature from back in the day. Thus, the game manages to have a distinct feel of its own, while actually applying balancing as well as twitch reflexes coordination and order giving, in order to make the game so much more enjoyable. Thus, it takes little effort to jump within the game and to learn the basics, but if you really want to experience it to the best of what it can offer, you have to be prepared to sink in many hours in it. The graphic theme however is a lot lighter and makes use of tiles and units that seem to be taken from the world of the 70s. Along with that the game has a weird story to tell about galactic princes and black hole transportation, that makes the game a potpourri of sci-fi and all sort of other nods to pop culture. But, what matters is the gameplay and, in that department the game manages a good enough balance to keep you hooked for hours.

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