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StarCraft - The definition of real time strategy gaming

StarCraft had a few aces up its sleeve from the beginning; it combined the lessons learned from games such as Z, Dune, and other strategies before it and managed to find the perfect balance that made it such a reputable strategy game. But the mayhem that it created, especially in Korea, could never have been imagined or consciously prepared. This is the game that almost singlehandedly led to the creation of e-sport as a genre, and remains an absolute masterpiece to this day. But this isn't just a mantle, the game can still be played just as well today. In fact, many would argue that it still remains the realtime strategy that is best balanced, perfectly paced and to feature 3 races that actually play differently and take different skills to master. StarCraft will offer you a cool single player campaign and, most importantly, LAN multiplayer, a feature that the current generation Starcraft II no longer offers. Thus, even in the absence of official servers, you can still take your friends or a walk down memory lane and experience the best strategy game that ever was.

Starcraft: the strategy game

Starcraft is probably one of the most influent games in history of strategic games. Produced in late 90s by Blizzard, it retake the idea behind Warcraft and Warcraft 2, the fight between human race and other races. One of the difference is that in Starcraft you will be set in 26th century, a era where a new planet needs to be conquered and dominated. You will play as human, Zerg or Protoss. The games offers a very good gameplay and great features for strategy games lovers. There will be different campaigns where the player will be introduced in the heart of the game (like happened in Warcraft titles) and their features in a great fantasy atmosphere thanks to a very nice graphic.

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