Lords of the Realm 3

Strategy 2004 Windows Rebellion Organized forces War Medieval Simulation Real time Historical

Great real time strategy in a medieval setting

Lords of the Realm 3 offers an amazing array of strategy in real time, with cavalry assaults, siege weapons and siege attacks, a simple economic and managerial portion and scenarios that are really enticing and really well put forth. Over all these elements, a sturdy battle engine steps forth, which brings in an interesting blend of rock paper scissors tactics, which you have to choose from depending on your elevation and depending on your tactical situation. Overarching the game, you will be set to either become a king or help as a trusted knight at the building of the local castle. Thus, you always have something to look forward to and the game is shipped as a couple of nested dolls, bringing in elements at each level. Graphically, you will have nothing to reproach this game from the middle of the 2000s. The animations are good enough, can be synchronized to save processor cycles or desynchronized for more variety. You will not get lost, and you will always know where your units are, and whom you can command next, without issues. Thus, the game manages to offer a fun, never unfair blend of direct tactics and a lenient managerial portion just to add some flavor to the construction of the game.

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