Castle Strike

Strategy 2003 Windows Data Becker Organized forces Medieval Building

The strategic elements are really diverse

The game is based on strategy building and its plot is based on the deep middle Ages where they were frequent battles, fights, betrayal and a lot other happenings in different empires and regions which kept the whole world at fight. The target or the mission that you as the charcter in the game is to defeat enemies through your strategy by building your own forts, castles and conquering various domains and strongholds of different enemies. You can either play the game alone or you can play in combination with three buddies which is a great option. The characters in the game will have access to the weaponry and units of those times and will have to use them effectively to really make them count. The game has a very in depth variety in terms of the gameplay because you can play a lot of missions and can have a lot of fights for conquering and for rescuing. Every mission has its distinct elements which have been designed and implemented very carefully. The graphics are very detailed which only add that many stars to the gameplay which is supported by some very fine and will synced controls. I have been a big fan of Stronghold 2 but this game is also in my love list.

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