The id Anthology

Action 1996 Windows id Software First Person Third Person

Fans of 3-D games, it's for you

There are over 20 games in the id Anthology and, although the collection claims to include everything ever released by id, there is the obvious omission of the joint venture with Raven Software: Heretic. Too bad - Heretic was outstanding. However, fans of 3-D games won't be disappointed with this cornucopia of primal carnage. The four-CD pack includes such classics as Commander Keen, Rescue Rover, and Wolfenstein 3D, as well as more contemporary hits such as Doom II, Final Doom, and the ground-breaking Quake. Yes, that's right - the software company that holds the record for the most broken Ctrl keys in this decade has packaged all of its games together in one neat little bundle.When reading this review, it is important to remember that the scores reflect a combination of the whole id library, from 1990 to the present. Sure, Commander Keen may not look as good as Quake, but give the little guy a break... he's six years old and still mildly entertaining.

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