The King of Chicago

Adventure 1986 Dos Dosbox Cinemaware Multimedia novel Thriller

Raise through the ranks and become a mafia boss

Set in the era of America that saw the expansion of empires based on liquor trades during the period that it was all but forbidden, this game tasks you to take none other than Al Capone's place, after his actions put him into jail. Yeah, killing police officers on the street in broad daylight doesn't do much to keep you off behind bars, but, I guess, some people never learn. So, this adventure game, with its tactics and strategic bits will work its magic in a very interesting manner, as it includes a lot of different gameplay portions, though all of them are held together by the glue of the amazing atmosphere. You always get different options as to how to manage a situation, be it through violence, talk, or some other deals. But make no mistake, pussyfooting is not going to win you no favors in this violent world, so make sure you go for decisive action as much as possible. Go play Crime Does Not Pay for a similarly themed game, though one less plot and schemes oriented. The King of Chicago might just be a bit too violent in his ways at times!

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