Romantic Encounters at the Dome

Adventure 1987 Dos Dosbox MicroIllusions Multimedia novel

Early date simulation, a bit misogynistic

I think that the developers of this game were more interested in being witty, or trying to be witty, or just too eager to be alpha males or something, because, while this game is a very simple text based (and math based!) dating simulator it is mostly interesting for the malecentric position it takes on dating. But, at any rate, I don't think you'll find that as annoying as the sheer simplicity of the thing. It's just that all encounters play the same and the text based individual in the game don't really manage to showcase having a personality, even though the game describes them. Deep inside the game is a very simple sim, without the options to actually make the game interesting. I mean, I compare it to the Japanese interactive novels that interest themselves in the subject, and these aren't by no means all deep and true to real life dating/relationships, but, at least they have graphics to make up for that. This game is just too poor to stand its ground, and thus it fails. Rather, it should have been considered a prototype and instead of being released, it should have been kept in development for a bit more and allowed to mature a little more. Rather go for the Alter Ego series, that too was mostly text based (with very primitive graphical elements) but it sure was deeper.

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