Shivers 2: Harvest of Souls

Adventure 1997 Windows Sierra Multimedia novel Thriller

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Trip Cyclone, the rock band and horror adventure games!

It must be that back in the day this game must have been pretty scary and, maybe even a very obscure little cult classic. Play style wise, it is a point and click, however, it's got a mighty dark atmosphere, as well as a hint system that is delivered by none other than the rock group members of a band called Trip Cyclone! Yeah, if that doesn't sound too popular, don't worry, most of us will not know of them, but certainly they had the kind of rad attitude you could expect from a late 90s band! At any rate, the game start you off in Arizona, in a motel, and form there all hell breaks loose. It's a survival in point and click, which is to say that you'll still be occupied with classic puzzlers and with inventory collection, but the game has that campy, 90s, over the edge scare factor, which while not as scary today, sure is, at the least, quite bawdy. So, my thinking is, you'll love this game, however, you have got to be pretty laid back to get it, to sink into its dark atmosphere. And, if not, a more action oriented game, say, The Suffering, can fulfill that crave in a much more mature and playable manner.


Sierra is that popular company that brought us such classic adventure games, like the King's Quest series and the funny Leisure Suit Larry series. Shivers 2: Harvest of Souls, the story starts at a hotel, with a not very friendly clerk over who gives you a message and the key to your room and also wants you out first thing in the morning. From here, the game is non-linear because you have the liberty to explore the town at your leisure. The gameplay is just a point-and-click game, from a first person perspective.

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