The Lost Cases Of Sherlock Holmes

Adventure 2008 Windows Legacy Interactive Mystery Crime investigation Historical Casual Minigame Arcade

The game is afoot!

Sherlock Holmes has starred in a number of cracking adventure romps, most notably those from Frogwares, but if you fancy something a little different and are a fan of hidden object games, then this is another fine choice. There are sixteen cases to solve here, each of which is nicely presented as a book on a shelf, although each one follows broadly the same pattern in terms of gameplay. In this respect, this is very much a traditional hidden object game where you must find certain things from a list which are mingled in with other objects, all against a strict time limit. Each location also has a special item which triggers a bonus mini-game when found, and which adds in some decent variety to the gameplay, as these minigames offer a new kind of challenge. You also have to gather clues to help you figure out the culprit in each case, with another activity occurring before you can move on and which requires you to organise the suspects according to various categories. The whole thing is dripping in Victoriana too and the Holmes name is well represented through lots of small details which fans will appreciate and which help to give this a feeling of authenticity. For fans of hidden object games, this really is a very good option. It's clearly had a lot of effort put into it, with some lovely visuals which are very atmospheric. The plots are also integrated into the gameplay better than many other such games, while the addition of the minigames is just the icing on the cake of a nice little game.

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