Laura Bow: Colonel's Bequest

Adventure 1989 Dos Dosbox Sierra On-Line Mystery Crime investigation Point and click Detective mystery

Murder, bloody murder.. Who did it?

Laura Bow is a very Agatha Christie like mystery game that is set in the first quarter of the 20th century and is centered around Laura Bow, an aspiring journalist whose father is a detective. Her father's business really got stuck on Laura too so she is always more that ready to explore and investigate any irregularities that she sees around her and react accordingly. This first game in the series opens with Laura finding her self at a sugar plantation led by a man named Colonel Dijon. Since the Colonel is on his deathbed and is trying to leave his will to his family, things get intense and people are starting to show up dead.. With her natural curiosity and her father's instincts to find out what happened, Laura starts snooping around, fin ding all sorts of clues and solving numerous complex puzzles in her efforts to get to the bottom of this thing. Since this is a very old game, the gameplay is mostly text based so players might need to adjust to this very outdated form of playing. Still, the game is very interesting and is shrouded by a very dark and mysterious atmosphere which makes the game all the more interesting. The player will really be captivated by the events of the game and motivated to find out the real culprit while Laura will prove to be a highly personalized protagonist players will really connect to. The gameplay is very simple to learn and the graphics of the game, although very outdated, really portray the 1920's setting vividly and accurately. As a final ruling, I'd say that Colonel's Bequest is a fabulous mystery game, although not nearly as good as its sequel that came out in 1992.

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