Sargon V

Simulation 1991 Dos Dosbox Activision Board games Chess Strategic scope

From Wavemate Jupiter III to this modern incarnation

The first Sargon (or should I say, SARGON, as the early 1970s computers on which this title was assembled did not support lower case lettering) game was a mighty fine chess simulator, as much as it could support to be, given the measly tech it was build on top of. Thus, while the earliest version was more of a state of the art twist and bend of minimum technology, with this 5th variation the game of chess you can play and the additional elements really make for a great product, one that while stapled in oldschool ideas, can be enjoyed without issues by the most modern players. The engine is really sturdy and can emulate diverse play styles, as well as different difficulty levels. However, the beauty of the game comes from its dandy presentation, and its precious ways! For instance when you move a chess piece, a hand comes and picks up the piece with the gentlest of hand grabs and moves it where you want it moved. And, while that is just an external little thing, it also kid of characterizes the entire game, making it feel a lot more satisfying, for those moments when you want to feel like a gentleman or gentle lady chess player!

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