Kings Table - The Legend of Ragnarok

Simulation 1993 Dos Dosbox Imagitec Design Board games Strategic scope Strategy

The Scandinavian version of Chess

Kings Table is a tabletop turnbased strategy game that originated in Scandinavia, and is a kind of strategy turn based game that plays asymmetrically. The black pieces have one goal, the white pieces have another. The goal of the white pieces is to safely make it so that the king piece reaches any of the corners of the map. The white start in the center of the map, and the black starts the game on the sides. The black, as you'd imagine has to stop the white king form reaching the board outermost positions. And, so, it is a very interesting game, with the pieces having a different and diverse array of rules, as to how each one can move. The asymmetrical display is great also because it changes your point of view as to what you need to do, which is just a kind of diversity that is welcomed. Graphcially it's a 2D game, good looking, clean and personable, although I for one would have wanted a more simplified set of tables. But the ones included are playable, which is nice. So, overall, Kings Table is a great game, great for tabletop gamers as well as strategists and turn based specialists. Alternatively, download and play Chess!

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