The Neverending Story 2

Action 1990 Dos Dosbox Linel Platformer

Based on the movie of the book of the same name sidescroller!

The developers can't blame the source material for the rather poor production and accomplishments of this game; indeed, when all is said and done, The Neverending Story 2 remains a pretty volatile sidescroller platformer, which didn't really gain much traction in spite of the wonder (nope, not a misspelling!) full world of the movie or book. At any rate, you'll play as Atreyu, but instead of slowly sinking into a world where fantasy distorts reality, nope, you're simply just making your way about and getting little to no wonderful gameplay. It's all standard sidescroller challenges and things, and overall, while the gameplay never takes you anywhere, if you manage to lower your expectations, you'll find it to be just alright. Because, at a technical level, the game works, it's got no outright blemishes. The controls work just fine, the enemies are not too difficult or stupidly placed, so, working and interacting with the game is alright. But there's just that feeling that a lot more could have been done, that the cookie cutter qualities of this one could have been at times replaced by some sidescroller magic! At any rate, download The Neverending Story the first, too, just if you liked this one. Not that that one is any more endowed with strange, fantastical and beautiful, but well, it's not a bad sidescroller either!

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