Moktar: la Zoubida

Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Titus Interactive Oriental Platformer

Decent sidescroller, not too original

Moktar: la Zoubida is a totally playable sidescroller platformer game, produced in 8 bit NES like glory. Compared to a staple of the genre, Super Mario, for good measure, you will find this one to be lacking in detail and in polish. But, it sure is playable, and it is by no means without merit. Of course, Moktar: la Zoubiba is not a game that you would want to play with high expectations, but, there are nice platforming portions in there, there are also a few types of enemies that put up a good enough fight and the colors and the backgrounds, while simple, are quite evocative of Aztec pop culture elements. Yes, for a Titus game is alright, but in the larger scheme of things you won't find yourself recommending it to friends. However, after you have it installed, even in spite of all its issues, you'll find yourself playing it, which surely must say something about it; and what it says is that it has a dose of mystery, not a lot, but enough to make you play for a while, especially if you like 8bit generic NES sidescrollers. So, yeah, give it a go, have it around.

Fun and cute

Moktar Adventure or Adventure of Moktar is a French released hop 'n run platform game (like Prehistorik 2 or Mega man series) set in North Africa. You have to rescue your lady that has been kidnapped and taken to the other side of the Sahara and to get to her, you have to pass difficult terrains spanning over 15 levels with increasing difficulty. You start in a city at night and work your way to the desert and finally, find and rescue your woman. The game is played in a matter that you use cans, boxes or bottles that are put all around the level and throw them at your enemies, thus destroying them. The gameplay is pretty addictive and fun, although pretty typical for this kind of game. I especially liked the music of the game, which reminds me of the movie "Cop from Beverly Hills" movie - take a listen and you'll see it! - and the sound effects are also pretty cool. The graphics are standard for a platformer from the early nineties and quite detailed and colorful, in 2D. In any case, the game brings nothing new to the platform genre, but is still pretty fun to play. Recommended!

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