Arcade 1989 Dos Thomas G. Hanlin III Epic Item collection

Tron like bike racing

In BananaTron, as in the Tron like light motorcycle racing, you have to craw lines with your bike in the space provided and try to make your opponent cross or hit the lines that you produce. The same holds true for your also; you have to stay away from your lines, as well as the lines that are produced by your enemy rider, and, the one that manages to trick the opponent into touching a line, his or his own, wins. There are a few options included in this very simple game: you can play against one or two AI players, you can vary the speed of the game and you can choose whether the one screen arena has fixed walls (which, if touched will earn a victory for the opponents) or of you are playing in a wrap around screen, where, if you enter in one side, you can exit on the other side. But, all in all, it's fun, even if, as I said, it very simple graphically, with just a black screen over which the white bikes and lines move about. Try Snake too for a similar concoction of gameplay, where you have to move about and avoid bumping into yourself.

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