PC Man

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Poor clone of a classic

There's no prizes for guessing which classic arcade game that PC Man rips off wholesale and it's another one of those titles which just makes you wonder about the reasoning behind its existence. Of course, it's yet another in the long line of blatant copies of the mega hit Pacman which arose in the years following the iconic character's introduction, and which includes the likes of Pac-Maine and Packman. For those of you who have been living under a rock your entire lives and don't actually know who the yellow blob is and what his games are about, they're simple but hugely addictive maze-style games where you must guide the little guy about in his never ending quest to gobble down pills. Of course, there are the notorious ghosts wandering around these mazes and who are out to get you, but the inclusion of the legendary mega-pill does allow you to turn the tables on the bad guys and gobble them back. The original Pacman is an undisputed legend of video games and while titles like PC Man generally reproduce the sheer visceral, high score chasing thrills of such classic arcade games, you have to wonder who they're really aimed at. PC Man does a reasonable job of things, with accurately copied sprites which look pretty much exactly the same as their inspiration and similarly designed mazes. However, the biggest problem here is that the game crawls along at a miserably slow pace for the most part, making it a less than thrilling experience so unless you find the other clones on the market to be a little too hectic for you, this one is best avoided.

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