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A Pac man by any other name!

I always love a twist or turn on a game that has defined (and engulfed all by itself!) and entire genre. Granted, the original Pac Man was so good and so feature complete, if you will, that few changes of it make sense. I've played a few interesting takes on the game, a multiplayer one for instance, that played differently for player one and player two, but for the most part, this sort of game is surely not going to offer you a lot of space for development. And this is not why the developers of Packman did it in the first place. Nope, this is more of an intrinsic challenge to see if they could code something of that same kind of gameplay s close as possible to the original. Thus, don't expect new novel concepts or ideas, just an honest clone that does its job very well, except maybe for the lacking graphics. But then again, if you wanted to play Pac Man within a world that boosts fresh green instead of black and white, well this is it! So, yeah, play this one only if you're looking for a very close game of Pac Man, but with a different color scheme. This is Pac Man in green, and it is the best Pac Man in green out there!

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