The Queen of Hearts Maze Game

Puzzle 1982 Dos Dosbox TexaSoft Brainteaser

A maze game, featuring QofH! Cool!

Even if it was released in 82, and thus, you can't really expect a lot in terms of graphics and build quality, The Queen of Hearts Maze Game is a satisfying, well done top down maze game. The graphics are very basic CGA, seen from above. Your character in the maze is just a few pixels wide and tall, but it is enough to keep it all playable. There are also a few difficulty levels to choose from, and the later ones make this game a bit more difficult to sink into; the enemies are harder to beat, they are also more, but overall, if you are a Speedy Gonzales (!), you won't have problems. So, with all that in mind, you will find The Queen of Hearts Maze Game really well done and satisfying. So, as far as exploration of mazes and puzzles games go, The Queen of Hearts Maze Game is a good combination of both. Yeah, it wears its age everywhere, so you will find it very playable. Great also, and maze based, Sokoban is yet another maze (and crate!) game that is a definitive choice for those that love retro top down action/puzzlers.

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