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Push the crates into their designated spots!

Sokoban is an original puzle game, that can be resumed as a challenge in which you try to push the crates in a warehouse in their pre-requisite positions. It's easier said than done, because each level, each warehouse floor, as it were, has some other things in there that can't be moves, thus, you are space constricted. But not only that; you can only push your crates about, you cannot pull them; this means that you don't get a second chance, if, say, you've pushed a crate wrongly and there's no space to push it back to its starting position. This makes the game very challenging, especially on the later levels, where the constrictions are even higher, and the number of possible moves/the order in which you have to move the crates is just one. This particular Sokoban game, as the puzzle was featured in many a game, even in the Broken Sword 4 title, looks pretty good, if you love NES styled8 bit games, of which this one is a perfect contender, for sure. So, give it a try, it's a great 5minute break title, easy to get but very difficult later on.

Very fun, yet very hard

The Japanese are the ultimate professionals when it comes to puzzle games. They have created games like Sudoku, Origamo and much, much more. To this day, Sokoban remains as one of the most difficult puzzle game that is very simple to learn, but extremely difficult to master. The game's premise is very simple - just arrange the crates you have to reach the end of the level. It starts very slow and easy, but after a while you will be grinding your teeth in frustration and won't know how to do it. It requires strategic planing more than 20 moves ahead! I really don't have to mention how addictive this game is. It will keep you thinking and you will come back to the game every 20 minutes just because you have another idea how to solve the level. If you're a perfectionist like me, you won't stop until the game is over. The graphics are pretty simple with little variety in colors, and the audio is also relatively simple but nice. This game is highly recommended for all true puzzle fans. But watch out! Nerve breaking might occur. You have been warned!

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