The Quest

Adventure 1983 Dos Penguin Software Multimedia novel Puzzle based

Take a trip down memory lane

The Quest is a cracking homage to old-school RPGs like the classic Eye of the Beholder, Wizardry and early Elder Scrolls titles so if you long for the glory days of the genre, then this is a game which needs to be added to your collection, pronto. In many ways, the game is very traditional and perhaps a bit too determinedly old-school but for all this, it still proves to be a highly entertaining romp. The set-up is familiar stuff, placing you in the role of a lone adventurer who has been entrusted with an important quest, to discover the whereabouts of a missing governor, and who must travel a fantasy land in search of answers. The gameplay is just as familiar, with a mix of exploration, combat and the usual such things as found in any fantasy RPG, with towns having that classic 3D object look and characters and objects made of sprites. There are the standard customization options, while movement is grid-based and combat turn-based, and with an epic lineup of quests rounding things out. The Quest doesn't really do much that's different with the genre but it's made with such loving care and attention that it doesn't matter too much. This really does look and feel like it could have popped out in the eighties or nineties but benefits from having a modern shine and touch that helps it to transcend many of the problems which games from this era suffered. The story is engrossing and exploration and combat are rarely less than fun so if you have any interest in walking down RPG memory lane, this is a must have.

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