Beyond the Tesseract

Adventure 1983 Dos Science Fiction Multimedia novel Puzzle based

Baffling and obscure adventure

This early text adventure isn't up to the standards of later efforts in the interactive fiction niche, like Zork and Guild of Thieves, but it did lay down many of the cliches which would later crop up in many similar games. It's actually the second part of a very obscure trilogy, the others being Project Triad and Codename Intrepid, but it's not entirely necessary to have played the first one before, although if you have you're likely to get more out of the experience. What is on offer here is pretty crude, even for early examples of such games, with the player sent on a highly vague and largely baffling quest through an abstract alien world. The basic goal seems to be to collect a twelve word code phrase and which is achieved by solving the numerous puzzles on display here. Speaking of which, the ones here will be particularly suited to those who enjoy maths and logic concepts, so if you're not into such things, be wary. To give you an idea of what to expect, one puzzle finds you playing an adventure game within a game, while another involves heavy use of symbolic logic which is likely to drive the average gamer mad. The whole thing is driven by a pretty extensive verb/noun interface, with about 200 words understood by the computer and which is pretty easy to get your head around. If you're a casual player of text adventures, you probably won't get much out of this, as it is just a bit too obscure and out-there for the average gamer, and you really have to be tuned in to its particular sensibilities to enjoy it. It is vaguely compelling though so if you fancy a challenge or just a trup into history, check it out.

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