The Settlers 3: Quest of the Amazons

Strategy 1999 Windows Blue Byte Empire management God game or micromanagement Organized forces

Beautiful, modern, cartoony fun build em up

To encapsulate The Settlers 3: Quest of the Amazons in a single phrase, I'd say it's the pinnacle of the 90s era in terms of cartoony world building, a game that is fascinating, really complex but also very well designed. The Settlers 3: Quest of the Amazons also manages to up the ante in all the areas that its elder brethren have dabbled into, from strategy to world building, from management to economic simulation and all of the other little bits in it. In terms of its single player content, this is also a very specific game, creating almost an adventure type experience, with all of its missions, which can take you through the entire array of construction, management, tweaking, economical simulation and beyond, or can focus on just one or a few of these elements, one level at a time, a great way to diversify your activities and to always have something interesting for you to do. And, as I said, it all looks exquisite, modern but still 2D, characterfull, cartoony and fun, but serious in its scope. Definitely worth playing, as is the entire older series.

Where do those Settlers are coming from!?

Here it is a good empire management game, something similar to Civilization game, but in real time mode. Settlers 3 is mostly about building a city, rather than a country, and managing your citizen to do different jobs, like fishing or even military. However, the CPU player isn't friendly and once you see their soldiers, you should start building up your army. The gameplay isn't difficult, but it takes some time to get used to. All you have to do is build buildings, manage your citizens to different jobs, build up your defenses and destroy the enemy AI. The graphics and sound are great, but sometimes the sound in the game is kinda silly.

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