The Settlers 2

Strategy 1996 Dos Blue Byte God game or micromanagement Organized forces Real time

Excellent refinement of an enjoyable original

The original Settlers was pleasingly mid-paced slice of historical strategy game, which largely eschewed violent combat as seen in such games as Dawn of War and Command and Conquer and instead offered a more thoughtful experience. This follow-up continues in this fashion and offers more of the same empire-building activity so it should appeal to fans of the original or to anyone looking for something requiring a bit of careful consideration. Perhaps the biggest difference this time around is the visual styling, which updates things from the medieval feel of the earlier game to a Roman theme. However, the gameplay is largely similar and once again requires players to build and develop their own settlement, and which is achieved by constructing various buildings and making use of your workers, each of whom have unique skills. Resource management is also key as is developing a decent transport network so your happy little citizens can move around with ease. Although the game's focus isn't really on battles, there are other settlements out there whose needs conflict with your own so it is inevitable at some point, which requires you to maintain a standing army, further adding to the complexity. The Settlers 2 doesn't really do anything wildly different from its predecessor, it simply refines things to the point where everything is done well and although later editions like The Settlers 3 and The Settlers 4 added in several new features, this one is often considered the best in the series. The streamlining of game mechanics along with the updated graphics help to create a compelling and enjoyable strategy experience that will eat up your time if you're not careful, so if you're curious about the genre or a veteran, check this out.

The amazing series continue on their way up

The second installment in the Settlers real-time strategy game series, this one if a very fine specimen to show how great this game is and what makes it so popular in the gaming community. In fact, this can easily be the absolute best game in the series! The gameplay is very similar to that in the original game and the only major difference is that it has a Roman theme and a lot better graphics. The game can be played in a campaign or by selecting several stand-alone scenarios. The objective of the game is very simple and typical for this type of game: build a stable economy and war force and eliminate every other opponent in the scenario to be victorious.The game's great graphics, very easy to use player interface and the great soundtrack that surround the game really make the game seem fun, interesting and challenging at the same time. Many a player spend hours, days, weeks, even months totally immersed in this game and forgetting that they have a life at all. You can play the game solo, but you can even play with another player on the same computer using a split screen option while the other player can take another mouse for gameplay. The game runs very smoothly and the advanced graphics compared to its original are very evident. The entire game looks and plays fanastic. If you are a real time strategy fan, this game will surely be a treat. Highly recommended!

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